EEX Molkenpulver

Contract specifications

All products are offered for exchange trading on EEX. In addition, transactions concluded over the counter can also be registered for clearing (Trade Registration). Clearing and settlement of all transactions are provided by ECC, the clearing house of EEX Group.  


Butter Future

Skimmed Milk Powder Future

European Whey Powder Futures

Product ID




Product ISIN





Butter Index

Skimmed Milk Powder Index

European Whey Powder Index

Contract volume/quotation

5 metric tons



Pricing and minimum price change  

Pricing in EUR per tonne, minimum price change: EUR 1 per tonne


At maximum, the following maturities can be traded on EEX: the maturities of the current and the respective next 18 consecutive calendar months

Trading hours

8:45 - 18:00 (CET); until 12:00 (CET) on the last day of trading

Last day of trading

  • The last Wednesday of the respective maturity month (If this is not a trading day, the preceding exchange trading day shall be the last trading day.)
  • The third Wednesday of the month in the maturity month of December (If this is not a trading day, the following exchange trading day shall be the last trading day.)


Cash settlement, difference between the final settlement price and the settlement price of the previous exchange trading day

Final settlement price

Status of the respective decisive index on the last day of trading at 19:00 (CE

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